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Youtube has over 2.3 billion users worldwide and generated $19.7 billion in revenue in 2020, a 30.4 percent increase yearly. The popular children’s channel on Youtube, Ryans World, earned $29.5 million in 2020. But the question you are here for is how much money do Youtuber make in India or any other part of the world. To answer the question, we have also created a YouTube Money Calculator to help you calculate your estimated earnings from Youtube as a creator.

Youtube has paid nearly $30 billion to creators, artists, and media organizations over the last three years. In 2019, T Series became the first YouTube channel to cross 100 million users. Few Youtubers have since crossed the number which many creators saw as impossible to reach.

The pandemic has only accelerated YouTube’s growth in India. Before the pandemic, Whatsapp was the dominant platform in India, but the numbers reveal a different picture now. According to data from App Annie, YouTube had 425 million monthly active users in December 2020, while Whatsapp came in second with 422 million monthly active users.

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Before we get into how much money you can make from YouTube and how the YouTube Money Calculator may help you uncover your earning potentials, let’s go over some fundamentals for those unfamiliar with the subject.

YouTube has been around for a while now, and it is one of the most popular social media websites on the internet. Over a billion people use YouTube every month. That’s a lot of people!

With so many people using YouTube as their source of revenue, it is no wonder that a money calculator has been created. This tool allows you to see how much potential revenue you can generate from your videos and overall channel.

If you are thinking about making money as a YouTuber, then you might be wondering how much you can earn. After all, if you are going to put in the work, you want to make sure that it is worth your time.

What Is a YouTube Calculator?


A YouTube calculator is a simple online tool that calculates an estimate of how much money you can earn from your YouTube channel.

Calculating your potential earnings from YouTube is a great way to see if it is worth your time to start a channel and begin creating videos for certain niches. It can also help you set realistic expectations for the average earnings you can expect.

The tool below has been developed to allow you to easily calculate the estimated earnings from a Youtube Video or Channel and is based on your video view count, engagement and various other factors.

How to Use the YouTube Money Calculator  

Using a YouTube money or revenue calculator is quite straightforward. All you need to do is enter some basic information about your channel and video views. From there, the calculator will do the rest of the work and give you an estimate of your potential earnings.




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