Vyng – Social Video Caller ID

Vyng is a free Social dialer where you can customize what plays on your friend’s lockscreen when you ring them Vyng – Social Video Caller ID.

Start better conversations and take control of your Caller ID

Vyng Dialer is also loaded with other features like Free Caller ID, Call Blocker, and Spam Protection App. We are the first creative Video Caller Tune App with 15 million+ downloads to our credit!

Install Vyng to be a part of the futuristic phone call revolution! Set Vyng as your default calling app to sprinkle some sophistication to dialing someone! Experience baffling HD Full-Screen Video and True Caller ID feature with our app.

📞Vyng Features

Spot calls from reputed businesses, annoying marketers, creepy unknown numbers, obscure spam, and automated robocalls at a lightning speed with our number finder, phone number tracker, call blocker, true caller app!
Vyng lets users see custom videos of who is calling, even if it’s a spam call! Blacklist numbers and block spam calls on this caller app.

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Default Call Mode:

Start your journey with our calling app by granting access to our app for managing your phone calls.

Select your Facebook/Google account or create a new profile to use Vyng.
Create Caller ID:

Add a display Image/Video and Ringtone/Music to create your Caller ID which friends will see when you call them. You have options to edit them anytime.
Calling Cards:

Show friends why you are calling with beautiful greeting cards for any occasion. Want to make it even more personal? Add your own personal photo and it will magically show up on your friend’s lockscreen when you call!.
Tag a Call Reason:

Add a call reason to be displayed on your contact’s screen as their phone rings to let them know your reason for reaching out. For instance, “Just saying Hi!” or “Calling Back! Or “Urgent!”
You have options to add a custom reason/disable call reason.
Free Video Ringtone:

Add/Edit music and video to collate your video ringtone. This video plays whenever you get calls. Change as many times as you want for free.
Suggest Caller ID:

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Friends not yet on Vyng? Set a photo or video as their Caller ID profile. You and other friends will see this video whenever they call. They will get an SMS inviting them to edit this content Vyng – Social Video Caller ID.

Invite Friends

Helps you summon your social community members to use this Full Screen Caller ID.
Address Book:
This phone book section allows you to

✅ Add Contacts.

✅ Add Caller ID image/video for each contact that plays when they call you up.
Search Engine

Look for contact names or numbers using this smart search engine for friends and businesses. You can even do reverse phone number lookup.
Share Vyng

Impressed by Vyng Dialer? Send it across to your herd by sharing or setting a social media status of your personalized short welcome video gift put together by our caller app.


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