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Vodafone Callertunes lets you play your favourite song to all your callers. You can play a superhit song, your current status (for FREE), even your name and much more to entertain all your callers while you are about to pick their call. This app is exclusive for Vodafone subscribers.

How Its work:

Try Profile Tunes (in Vodafone Callertunes app) to set FREE Status Tones to subscribers. Tell your callers that you are busy in a meeting or travelling on business or vacation easily and for free. Sync Callertunes with your calendar to automatically set FREE Profile Tunes when you are in a meeting.

Love playing more than one latest and trending song to your callers. Try Vodafone Callertunes Shuffles (Playlists) so that your callers listen to different songs every time. Personalise your shuffle by enabling it in Settings and MyTunes area.

You can welcome your callers by playing a welcome message with your Name.For e.g. Thank you for calling (Name). Please wait while your call is answered.

DOWNLOAD LINK -   Notch Pie App


– Play tunes at one click
– Over 1.4Mn latest songs to choose from
– Create your own playlist by choosing from latest songs,Romantic Songs and Evergreen Songs
– Search directly for Albums, Artists &Tracks
– Profile (Status) Tunes – Let your callers know if you are busy
– Auto-detect Profile Tune – In meeting, device on silent, device on low battery, roaming
– Name tunes – greet callers with your name
– Personalized Callertunes – set different Callertunes for different contacts
– 100% Ad Free



For Xiaomi devices to avail auto-detect meeting profile user needs to manually activate auto-start option for Vodafone Callertunes app by going to device “Security permissions -> autostart -> then enable autostart” from there.

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