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Volume Booster

How to increase your Mobile volume

Raise Your Mobile volume Booster

Raise High volume is a small app that raises the volume of your phone.
Increase your Volume and Boost the Volume of your phone.
Adjust the Boost of Volume in this app according to your phone. Raise High Volume also manage the Volume in this app as your phone volume. Raise High Volume Boost and increase volume for your Movies, Music, and Apps.


☞ Boost up to 100% of the Volume of your phone.
☞ Increase up to 100% of the Volume of your phone.
☞ Adjust the volume for Movies, Music, and any apps.
☞ Raise High volume is on show in the Notification.
☞ No additional permission is required for the Raise High Volume app.

Make your phone Sound

Turn up the volume with the super loud volume booster for Android 🔊 is the only audio sound amplifier you need to increase volume. Make your phone sound louder, boost your loudspeaker, Bluetooth speaker acoustics, amplifier for headphones, bass, and more 🎶🎧

Adjust the music speaker booster for Android audio equalizer to make your device’s volume sound louder, whether watching a movie or TV, playing a video game or listening to music. 🎬🎮🎵

Max Volume Booster App

The max volume booster for Android is a lightweight and free Android mobile booster volume enhancer app. With just one tap on the volume master, you can instantly turn up your smartphone, tablet, MP3 Player, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and other audio hardware devices’ Android sound quality for maximum control of the music speaker, video, ringtones, alarm volume and more! 📱💥

🎧 Louder Music Volume Booster App

Address sound quality, loud bass issues, amplitude, and acoustics with the music volume booster for Android. The music volume sound amplifier helps sound quality levels without rooting your device. You can boost music volume through your headphones or loudspeakers, adding the super loud volume booster app to your music to make it extra loud and clear. 🎶💪

📞 Mobile Phone Call Volume Booster App

Say goodbye to missed calls and difficulty hearing during a voice call with the mobile phone speaker booster for Android. The max volume booster for Android makes the audio level of your voice calls sound louder, making it easier for you to hear the person on the other end. 🗣️👂

🎸 Loud Bass Booster Equalizer

Turn up the bass and woofer with your favorite bass booster for Android to achieve max volume. Feel the bass boosted songs to enhance your music-listening experience with the easy-to-use bass equalizer! 🎵🔥

🎉 Sound Booster for Noisy Environments

Whether you’re listening to music at home, in your car, at parties, nightclubs, or bars, the music speaker booster for Android is the max volume increaser you’ll want for all genres of music. You’ll never have to strain your ears to hear your favorite electro, dance, pop, hip-hop, rap music, RnB, Salsa, and classical music.

🎧 Audio Amplifier for Headphones

You’ll love the headphone volume booster for Android to hear the TV, movies, music, and phone calls at your desired volume level, even in noisy environments. Turn up the bass boosted headphones using the headphone equalizer for JBL headphones and other popular headphones. 🎧💪

🎛️ Audio Equalizer for Android

Adjust your custom sound equalizer settings using the 3kHz, 14kHz, 910Hz, 230Hz, or 60Hz with the volume equalizer and bass booster equalizer.🎚️🎵

🎧 Hi-Res Audio Quality Playback

The volume booster for Android supports the playback of Hi-Res audio files in 3D. This powerful max volume booster app and sound amplifier support various audio files, including AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, and DSF, allowing you to enjoy high-quality sound like never before! 🎶🔥

💥 Audio Effects Sound Booster

Apply custom-tuned audio equalizer presets to easily boost volume effects for a more immersive audio experience while using apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Deezer, YouTube Music, Spotify, Google Music, SoundCloud, TikTok, Snapchat, and more! 🎬🎧🔊

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⚠️ Warning

Installing the music Speaker Boost can harm your speakers and hearing. By installing this app, you accept all risks, and the developer will not be responsible for any damage caused to your hardware or hearing.

👉 Turn up the volume with the volume booster app

for Android to experience the most reliable sound booster on the Google Play Store! 🚀🎧

What’s New features

We’ve just spent some time working on making YOUR experience the best it can be. This release includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

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